Expectations & Procedures

v Students are expected to read and follow the Kestrel Heights Code of Conduct.

v Students must be in dress code to participate in class.

v Middle school students are to use the inside music room door across from Mr. Holloway’s room. High School students are to use the outside doors.

v Students must be in the room when the tardy bell rings to be counted as on time. They are expected to be in their seats ready to play 2 minutes after the tardy bell.

v Students are expected to have a pencil, their instrument and their music for each class.

v Students may have plain water during the class period but no other drink, food, candy or chewing gum may not be opened or consumed in the music room.

v Students are expected to be quiet and attentive while instruction is being given and while the group or any part of it is performing. Students may not read books or do homework for other classes during instructional time.

v I will use two visual signals to inform you that I wish you to be quiet and attentive. The first will be that I will step on the podium. The second will be that I will raise my hand. When you notice that I have raised my hand please be quiet and attentive yourself and also raise your hand, as this will indicate to me that you are ready for instruction.

v When you have a question during instruction please raise your hand and wait to be called on before speaking.

v Students are expected to plan rest room visits before class begins. If you have an emergency that requires a rest room visit during class please raise your hand. When I call on you, let me know that you need to use a rest room pass. Then fill in the date, time and write rr in the destination block on the next available line on your planner’s hall pass page. Bring me the planner and I will initial it. You do not need to bring me the planner again when you return, just fill in the time of return yourself. Remember to go to the rest room designated for your grade level.

v Students must raise their hand and get permission before leaving their seat for any reason.

v High school students will walk to the middle school for class. You may not drive. A bus will be provided on rainy days. When the weather turns colder you may wear a coat or jacket to the music room but must remove it on arrival.

v High school students will be dismissed 2 minutes early from class and orchestra players will be expected to be on time for 6th period. (Somehow I don’t think the band players will be late for lunch.)

v The music room will be open from 7:30 AM to 7:50 AM for instruments to be dropped off before school, and from 3:00 to 3:30 for instrument pick up after school.

v If you have questions, concerns or suggestions about these procedures and expectations please email Mr. Allen – jallen@kestrelheights.org

John Allen 2014