Performance Information


Spring Performance Information

Spring Concert – All high school & middle school Groups

Orchestra Classes will meet at the High School Gym at 6:00 PM on Wednesday May 28, 2014. The band students should arrive by 6:30 PM

All Kestrel Instrumental musicians are required participate in the performance unless; Mr. Allen has excused them in advance.

Concert Dress –

The concert needs to be a significant and dignified occasion and the dress and behavior of our group must support that. Gentlemen are expected to wear dress slacks (no shorts) and a dress shirt. Ladies should wear a dress or dressy top along with slacks or skirt. Low cut tops and short skirts are not acceptable. Dress shoes are requested for both ladies and gentlemen. Color scheme is Spring Colors.

Event Timeline

3:00 – 5:45 Mr. Allen will move the stands etc. to the High School Gym and then he will be in the Music Room at the Middle School Building. I could use the help of students in moving equipment.

5:45 – 5:55 The Music Room will be open for any students needing to pick up instruments and/or music.

6:00– We will set up tune and rehearse in the gym. “To be early is to be on time. To be on time is really being a little late, actually being late is unthinkable.” (Paraphrase of Dr. Julian – director of Bands, University of Tennessee.)

7:00 Concert begins

I would appreciate your help in making it possible for your students to be present for this performance. This date is the only one available to reschedule and cannot be changed at this point. I understand that students may have other things that they would like to do or that you would like them to do on this evening but that would also be true of any other night that I chose as a performance date. As a performing musician myself I often had to reschedule a lesson or seek permission to miss a rehearsal of one group for a performance of another and other teachers and directors are usually very co-operative when informed of that situation. If you wish to discuss concert participation with me further please email me. Thanks for your help and understanding.

John Allen 2014